Colloquial Names of Accessories in English.


  • I. V. Hryhoshkina


Achievements of people are embodied in items we make up; clothes with additional articles reflects various aspects of human activity and can be the source of cultural and linguistic analysis. The paper focuses on the nouns that denote items, mainly small ones, aimed at certain purposes. The key notion of the given study, accessories in particular, enjoys frequency of occurrence in daily speech due to the necessity to refer to various objects for some reasons: 1) to assist activity, to add something for improving the process, e.g. skiing accessories for implementing skiing and making it safer; 2) to complete an outfit, e.g. bag, necktie, gloves, hat, shoes; 3) to make something useful or good-looking, e.g. shoulder strap, battery charger, probing accessory (the later means contact measuring devices). As a rule, asking for or searching for some object, there is no need to say accessories, the word with the general meaning, since it’s easier to deliver a message clearly if we mention an object required by the situation, e.g. a belt instead of vague fashion accessories.


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